The Ultimate booty building resistance bands workout Kit. Everything you need in 1 exercise kit

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WOW!!!! if your serious about building your glutes and ready to start making some changes . Then this is the kit for you !!! 

We made sure you have everything you see our athletes and trainers use on there clients in 1 awesome kit. 

It has everything you need to help build your legs and glutes from anywhere both home and gym. 

Kit includes : Heavy glutezilla band, set of 4 fabric booty bands, 15-100 lb booty bands, 100 lb green resistance band ( perfect for hip thrusts) 50 lb Tough band ( good morning/ hipthrusts),  Barbell Pad, Cable ankle straps, 12 week booty building guide, Workout bag.

Wow everything you can possibly need in 1 kit how awesome is that Lets get to growing to peaches today ;) 


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