Leg Suppression Bands

Get a killer glute and leg pump with these awesome blood flow suppression bands.

Put these on prior to doing your set and force more blood into the muscles giving you a incredible pump. Then release after the set to allow fresh blood flow.

Great for squats and hamstring curls and leg extensions. 

Leg suppression bands come in 2 sizes Sm and Large

Measure your upper thigh if its under 28" Go with Sm and if its over go L. 

Thicker thighs go with L average to small go with Sm 

Safety note: Please don't leave on for long periods of time as it does cut off blood circulation to your legs. 

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Our Suppression Bands

In search of a new, highly effective way of working out? Suppression bands work to restrict the blood flow in different parts of your body to help force blood into your muscles, giving you an added pump. We have bands available for both arms and legs that are easily adjustable to match your preferences. To make the best use of these bands, follow along with our super effective X Band workouts below!