Home workout kit V1

Ball color: Pink
hd band size: 35lb
Band color: pink
Sale price$89.99


Here is a awesome home workout kit that you'll be able to workout your full body from anywhere to make sure you stay in shape if you cant make it into the gym. 

Kit includes:

1 Heavy duty band (20, 35, or 50 lb) with door attachment and ankle straps. Perfect to work your whole body turn any door into a cable machine.

2 Ankle straps to attach to the HD band to do cable kickbacks and other leg exercises.  

level 3 Non slip Fabric booty bands. Perfect for growing your booty from anywhere and will last for years. ;) 

1 Flex ball perfect for your inner thighs and abs. 

Starter set of Booty bands included 30,60 lbs. 


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