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Leg suppression: sm
Glutezilla: Med
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Everything you need in 1 kit to grow your legs and glutes naturally from anywhere!!!

We put together our best selling booty building products into 1 awesome kit. Bundle together and save!! 


  • 1 Patented Glutezilla band. Perfect for doing a Varity of Hip thrust exercises. A fan favorite and very effective in growing your glutes.  Available in 2 sizes medium (50 lbs)  or heavy (75lbs) resistance. If your short under 5'3" go with heavy. If your a beginner go with medium. 
  • 1 set of 5 extra thick non rolling booty bands. Made 4x thicker so they dont roll or slide. Resistance varies from 15-80 lbs perfect for all fitness levels and exercises.
  • 1 pair of leg suppression bands. A very effective tool when targeting your glutes. Make sure to read up on how to use these safely and effectively. Check out blog for more information. (over 28" thighs (thicker) go with L under go SM).


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