1 hp XL Bluetooth Chiller and heater for Cold Plunge

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This Chiller is amazing and top of the line!!

Large 1hp chiller can easily chill xl tubs ( remember the larger the tub the more water it will hold and you'll need a large capacity chiller to cool it ;) )

Chills down to 37* and can heat up to 104*

Best Part is it is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth controlled just link it to your phone and program it when you want to come on and at what temperature  and your set never worry about buying ice or guessing what temperature the water is at. 

Has UV light in it to keep it sterile and to cut down on the amount of times you need to change the water ;)

Also have 2 filters on it to keep it clean

If you use your ice bath regularly 2-3 times a week this chiller will pay for itself in 6-9 months  for the cost of buying 6 bags of ice in a store. 

But best part is its always ready and at the desired temperature 


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