3 In One Weight Lifting Belt/ Chain Belt/ Ring Belt

Size: XXL
Color: RED
Sale price$49.00


This weight lifting chain belt with 7 metal rings built in around the belt to be able to hook up anything to yourself at any angle. It also comes with a detachable chain to do weighted dips or pull ups. Hook up your favorite resistance band to any angle around you to work on all your agility movements without the band digging into your stomach.

Size Chart Below

32 -XS

32-34 Small

34-36 Medium

over 36 Large

over 38 XL

Perfect belt to have there are so many uses that you can use this for from . Mobility training, Weighted dips, pull-ups. Hang weight to do squats. Hook yourself up to a cable machine to do lunges or monster walks. Pull weighted sleds  possibles are endless you'll love it.

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