December 29, 2022 1 min read

Total body long band workout

Front squat to press -for this exercise begin by placing a long band under both feet with feet, placed hip width apart, and under gripping the other end of the band. Continue by performing a squat and keeping your arms in front of your chest inhaling on the way down, and then exhaling on the way up while pushing your arms overhead. Repeat this exercise for the desiring amount of reps.
Side lunge to shoulder raise- begin by placing the long been under 1 foot and holding the other, and with the opposite arm inhale as you come into a side lunge keeping your arm at shoulder level, exhale one coming to center and extend arm into an overhead shoulder press repeat this movement on one side for the desert amount of reps and then continue to perform on the other side
Reverse lunge to front shoulder raise- begin by placing the long band under 1 foot, holding the other end of a long band with both arms in an overhand grip as we perform a reverse lunge, are arms go in an extended form into a front shoulder raise as we return into a standing position we bring our arms down. Repeat this exercise for the desired amount of ribs on one side and then continue to the opposite side.
Give these a try and enjoy the full body burn ;)
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