5 Booty building Bands Deluxe and 32 page instructional Guide Book

32 Page easy to follow Resistance Band Workout Book with pictures and descriptions.

Includes 25 different booty building exercises. As well as 30 workouts designed to kickstart your booty gains.  Each new day has 3 booty exercises for you to follow. 

Also included in the book is dieting and tracking your progress tips.

A must have combo perfect for beginners or experienced athletics looking to tone there booty.

Includes all 5 awesome Booty Building Bands

Book is 8"x 6" perfect to fit in your purse, gym bag or suit case for traveling.

Bands range from 15lbs -80 lbs perfect for every exercise. 


Our Booty Bands

Looking for a way to take your booty workouts to the next level? The X Bands provides a range of effective, high-quality products and workouts to help you get the perfect glutes you’ve always dreamed of. From booty band accessories to packages and exercise guides, we’ve got you covered with everything you need! Check out our awesome booty bands and leg and butt workouts today!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do we ship internationally?

Yes we do if you cant check out on the site or need help send us a message with what items you would like and we'll search for shipping options. Since every country is different with their import rules and laws you will be responsible for any duties or taxes if there is any for your country.

How long does my order take to ship?

We try and get all orders out the same day or next day if we have it in stock. Currently due to the virus some shipments have been delayed

Do you have training programs I can follow?

Yes! We have a wide variety of training programs and exercises examples you can follow. Check out our Exercise and Training pages!

Do the come with a warrantee?

Yes all latex bands come with a 1 year warrantee if they break just send us a image of the band and your order number and well replace it. All other products come with a 5 year warrantee same thing send us a image of the product and your order number if you can find it.

What's the difference between latex and fabric bands? 

We make both our 12" booty bands and 41" resistance bands in both a latex material and fabric material. Really the only difference is the material. both come in different resistance levels and you can use either on to preform the same exercises. Sometimes the fabric are more comfortable depending upon what your doing with them. 

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