12" Booty Building Bands Deluxe Full Set of 5

Lift, Shape and Raise your booty with these amazing bands. Resistance level is from 15 -80 Lbs of resistance perfect for any workout or any fitness level. 

Made 4x thicker so they will not roll or slide on your thighs and last for years 👍👍🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️.

Number 1 bands used by Professionals for there strength and durability. 

Yellow/pink 15lbs   red/pink 30lbs   Orange/wine 45lbs

Purple 60lbs    Blue/purple  80lbs

Our 12 inch resistance bands are made extra thick so they wont roll slip or break. Perfect for glute exercises. The smaller bands are more designed to go around your lower legs while the thicker bands go around your thighs. Perfect for preforming kickbacks, monster walks, glute bridges and even add them to your favorite cardio exercise.

These are the Best workout gym bands on the market. 

For more exercises go to the booty bands tab in the exercise section. 



Resistance bands are a fantastic workout tool due to the ability to target larger muscles as well as smaller stabilizing muscles while being super affordable, transportable and versatile in your workout routine. The X Bands offers the strongest and most affordable in-home and travel equipment that will last for years. BONUS: we have curated exercises and a training program to get you started! Visit our Exercises or Training pages today!

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